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Agriculture Career Opportunities

Fish Seed Grower -
A Fish Seed Grower is responsible for the seed production of aquatic organisms cultured in freshwater aquaculture habitat. You will learn raising the spawn to different stages such as fry, fingerling and stunted juveniles (or post larvae and juveniles in the case of freshwater prawn) in fresh water habitats.

Florist -
You will learn the selection of flowers and foliage according to customer requirements, processing them, making creative designs by arranging them and also selling them to the customers.

Gardener -
Gardener in the agriculture industry is a very important job role related to landscaping and gardening activity, in hindi it is commonly known as 'Mali'. You will learn to take care of beautification of lawns and gardens for private houses, Parks, and Hotels in order to attract customers.

Nursery Worker -
You will learn to monitor the day to day growth of the plants in a nursery, ensuring proper nutrition is provided to them such as water, check if plants are infested with any diseases and plant new saplings.

Organic Grower - You will learn cultivation of organic crops as per the organic package of practices recommended for a particular agro climate zone, using approaches like diversity, cattle integration, on-farm input generation, biomass recycling, natural resource use optimization in exclusion of synthetic inputs directly or indirectly and sell the organic produce as per the competitive market prices without distress sale.